7 Feelings That Seem Negative But Actually Indicate You’re Growing As A Person

Thought Catalog

Eugenio MarongiuEugenio Marongiu

A couple years ago, I remember meeting up with a woman who was helping me with some holistic healing techniques and, upon talking, she quickly told me that I was healing and growing so much. I was like, OH REALLY? THEN WHY IS EVERYTHING THE WORST THEN??? She was like, uhhhh, because you’re facing down all these inner demons you’ve been silencing with alcohol and sex and distraction and food and all sorts of things you didn’t realize you were using to soothe away uncomfortable feelings? I was like, ohhhhhhh, cool, cool, makes sense. And then I cried.

Turns out, the end result of healing feels freeing and amazing, but the actual process of healing? Yeah, that’s a sludge through the mud of past pain which is both worthwhile and terrible at the exact same time. Growth requires a lot of a person. That’s why many people decide…

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