Could You Just Please Leave Me Alone Today, Please?

Thank you, I completely understand this vicious cycle.

Thought Catalog

Sometimes there’s this weird cycle that happens when I interact with people. I tried to make a flowchart.

The cycle begins with me feeling unfit for social interaction. If I’m at work when the feeling strikes, I’ll probably start thinking things like, “Hey computer, fuck you for being slow today. You know something’s really fucked up with you, Apple, fucking Steve Jobs, when a human is faster than its computer.” My resting bitchface will be severe. My coworkers will be scared to talk to me. I’ll know they’re scared to talk to me. They’ll know that I know, we’ll all know this is a problem I need to fix, and this shared knowledge of my bad day will make my day that much worse.

Sometimes, when I feel this way, I will also be lucky enough to have someone who actually cares about my well-being — someone who…

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