It must be the name…

Today I find myself trapped between a friend ready to burst with excitement and anticipation of getting a new job and another on the verge of suicide.

A wise person once told me if you’re still talking about it at least you aren’t doing it. It being suicide. It being ending one’s own life. I have always found it a singularly cruel act of utter selfishness. You end your pain by transferring all the whys and how comes to everyone who knew you. Martyrdom only works if you are a religious person. Otherwise you are just an egotistical jerk dragging everyone around you down while you opt-out. I call bullshit! Treatment helps in most circumstances. However the person must want help. If you do not want to help yourself then honestly I think it’s up to you. You can only make yourself happy. Chemicals may assist. Realistically you should be able to be comfortable in your own skin.

My own psychotic beliefs would indicate you should relinquish your rite to breed. If you’ve already bred then your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren should be monitored as they’re at risk by your stupid need for self indulgence. The tainted gene may have carried over to the innocent. I digress.

If a relationship has attributed to the patient’s self hatred again treatment is possible. Wallowing in self pity is not treatment. It is a step in the right direction provided the patient doesn’t dwell on this for eternity. Everyone is entitled to the occasional woe is me moments. If you focus on the past you miss the present, and forget the future. You cannot change your past. You can only understand it from varying angles and then realize whatever fucked up scenario you survived has made you a stronger person today. Again, move forward . Progress forward is your only hope.  I refuse to be the caretaker for anyone else’s soul. I have to worry about my own.


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